Changes to Travel Vaccinations - April 2022

Since Friday 1 April, the way people access travel vaccinations has changed. Vaccinations previously delivered at GP practices are now the responsibility of NHS Lanarkshire and provided by community pharmacies.

The vaccines are:

  • Hepatitis A;
  • Typhoid;
  • Hepatitis A and typhoid combined;
  • Cholera;
  • Revaxis (polio/diphtheria/tetanus).

The consultation and vaccination will continue to be free of charge for people who live in Lanarkshire or who are registered with a Lanarkshire GP practice.


People should know the vaccination requirements of the country they are travelling to and allow for sufficient time to be vaccinated. The information is available at They can then contact their nearest participating pharmacy to arrange an appointment.


Some travellers may need vaccines and anti-malarials which are not provided free of charge through the NHS service. Pharmacies may provide this additional service, however, there will be a charge for this.


For details of all local participating pharmacies visit:


General travel health advice is available at: